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Cherry The Pixette by shadowmara
Cherry The Pixette
the speices is by :iconprepawsterous: 

his name is cerry and  i made him for a friend...
Ask Hunter Cole by shadowmara
Ask Hunter Cole
This little cutie is my male-sona Hunter cole Feel free to ask anything thats dosent break the rule of Da
base made by XxKikiKreationxX
Made with DeviantArt muro

Simply what it says.
20 random and varied questions to answer as your OC.  Designed to make you think a little bit more about the minutiae of the character and about their place in their world.

Tagged by :iconcrystalandzoe:

OC Name: Marcus

01  What is the worst nickname that anyone has ever called you?

Marcus: well... im not sure for my male side..... but when i cross dress im some times called mara cause my name is maria when im dressed as a girl. 

02  Have you got a favorite flower?

Marcus: well I like orange roses  but they are hard to find. 

03  Do you add a sauce, ketchup or other artificial flavorings to your food?

Marcus: only if  i cant stand the taste of what i'm eating

04  Describe yourself using only words that begin with the letter 'T'.

Marcus:- thinks- no i can not 

05  What is your lover's pet name for you?

Marcus: uumm i dont think i have one from jack

06  What is your least favorite color?

Marcus: i reaqlly dont care to much for black.... 

07  Who did you vote for in the last election, and did they win?

Marcus: i didnt vote

08  What is/was your grandfather's name?

Marcus: i dont know

09  What is the best present you ever received?

Marcus: my boyfriend saying yes 

10  What is 17 1/2% of 97 + 42 x (6 / 2) – 137 ?

Marcus: -stares at the numbers-

11  What would be the best possible way you could die?

Marcus: im not sure never really thought of it 

12  Given the choice of absolutely anything, what would be your dream job?

Marcus: another one i never really thought of...

13  What position do you sleep in at night?

Marcus: well it depends on if im sleeping alone or with jack.... if im alone i lay on my right side curled up into a ball

14  What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Marcus:....... do i even have to say?

15  Who is your favorite fictional character?

Marcus: it would have to be Darren Shan from cirquc  de freak 

16  What food do you hate most in the world?

Marcus: there is not alot  i will not eat..... but peas

17  When was the last time you were ill?

Marcus: i dont remebre 

18  If you were transformed into a wild creature, what would it be?
Marcus: a fox

19  What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it?
Marcus:i has a small doll like think that an old friend cave me.... i got mad at then and riped its head off

20  What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen?

Marcus: well i dont really travel so....
oc meme
ahahahaha wow i for got about this  i was taked by :iconcryistalandzoe: he did it with the character  i used here boyfriend
forgotten name by shadowmara
forgotten name
This was drawn for me by my twin.

This is one of the characters for a story I was writing but have to re doit
    You tell me everyday and you mean just as much to me as I do to you.
    I'm glad I could be your reason to live,  your reason to smile.  
   I try hard not to be the reason you fight back tears,  but I will always be  there to wipe them away.
  What's a queen with out her king?  The one who stands beside her no matter what.
   I helped you,  but you have helped me in a lot of ways.  By being there for me when no one else was.
  You have consumed every one of my thoughts,  my heart will always be yours.  You are all that I need in my life.
  I'm glad that I have you,  the one person so close to me unlike many others.  
I love you and always will,  and no you are not a ghost of a girl I use to love,  but are the girl I am in love with.
yes, you are always here
Something to a friend. Is response to something she made for me
Hey guys. im working on a new story i will post here soon for now here is the first bit of the story. anything you guys wanna add feel free to leave a comment. The name of the story IS "Fifty Shades of Gay ' 

just as a warning it is a major yaoi( boy X boy ) and there will be lemons and may be a lime part not sure yet

this is just the first paragraph  hope you guys like :3

Being the new kid is hard. Being the gay new kid is even harder, but you knew that right?

My name is Tyler Sting, I really don't like my name. You see i was named after my Grandfather. I never got along with him... for various reasons.  One reason is due to me being gay. but thats not what im tring to tell. any way lets get this over with.
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Holly "ZaDaYa" Martin
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
im a big fan of yaoi. im mostly the shy one im the uke...once you get to know me im really cool to be with im 17. um.. if you wanna get to know me just note me and ill talk to you.
i just got in to homestuck and i love it alot karkatplz
im taking some test onli ne and here are the resalts

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?
Hosted By Anime
what? how is this?

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime

What Type of Anime Girl Are You?
What Type of Anime Girl Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?
What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?
Hosted By Anime

What Pokemon Are You?
What Pokemon Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?
What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?
Hosted By Anime
of corce i am lol
What Alice Type Should You Belong With?
What Alice Type Should You Belong With?
Hosted By Anime

What Vocaloid Are You?
What Vocaloid Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Loveless Character Are You?
What Loveless Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

hahahaha i got gir XD
Which Invader Zim Character Are You?
Which Invader Zim Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

if i was a troll

holly martin is an olive-blood, shared with Nepeta.

go and cheak this vid out its random…

My Alternian Troll Name is Apollo Dargin.
Take The Alternian Troll Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.</p

Animillian ----> i am a co founder of with :iconcrystalandzoe: and :iconkeithtex:
fell free to make one the info is here- ( warning there is more to be added to it ))---------->…


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