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This is something that I made for my da account awhile back
I was snuggled close to a small yellow blooded troll . He has been her for me no matter what has happen. He was the one to help me when i was younger bought to die at my father’s hands. My name is Holly-Dawn Egbert and the yellow blood is my matesprit, virus captor. Virus was not always a troll….. well …. thats hard to explain so i will get into that another time.  

Holly’s POV

I sigh and got up from where the troll slept. Virus curls up in an ball and mutter in his sleep.   I looked at him and  smiled softly.  I never thought that  I would end up with him. I smiled even more knowing that I had him. I looked at the time seeing it was almost 7 and we had school. I was getting dressed when i heard something move on the bed. I look over to see virus sitting up looking at me. His face a bright yellow.

Virus’s P.O.V                                                                                                                            

I sat up to look for holly to find her shirtless. I could feel my face getting hotter. We just sat there looking at one another not moving. I looked away.

“ 2orry…” i went to go get up and fell off of the bed. Holly ran over and helped me up. My face got even more yellow and she she helped me up. I tried hard to keep from looking at her as she  walked away to finish getting dressed for school.

“ Why do ii have two go two school wiith you?”  I asked her as  i got up to get ready.

“ because you are what … 5 sweeps? “ shes asked me and  i sigh and grab my stuff to get changed.  “ looks virus this might help you out in the long run” She smiled at me. I sighed and looked at her as she was buttoning her shirt. ‘ how…..’ I shook  my head and sighed once more. She looked at me concern on her face as there was a knock on the door.  Both me and her looked at the door

“ We are up John” holly yelled at her twin behind the door as she walked over and opened the door showing john.  I stood there looking at the two . ‘ now that i think of it you would never think that they were twins at all. Holly is not as much as a goof as john is.’  I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Holly’s P.O.V

I jumped as virus put his arms around me. John started laughing like he found it the most funny thing ever. I just looked at him and glared at john as i moved away from virus and past john.
“ Sis, don’t be like that.” John went after me. I walked to the kitchen to get food. John followed me and  i turned to see the time , running right into him.
“ shit”  i fell back as  i hit him. I rubbed my head as  i sat there. I looked up to see who i ran into.
“ Holly you should watch where you are walking” john  looked down at me like  i did something  wrong. I growled as i looked at him and stood.

“ You are the one to run in to me…..” i sigh and walked back to my room to see if virus was ready for school.I sighed as i saw him on the bed curled back up. I am just going to let him sleep as i grabbed my bag and walked out.
An day in the life of an Egbert.
hey guys here is a story i was doing with :iconnightstorm2000: its all from the POV of 
Holly and virus.  Most of it is role-play me and her have had. so please do not say anything about whos dateing who we know its not cannon or any thing 

:iconshadowmara: <----- Holly-dawn Egbert, 

:iconnightstorm2000: <------------  Virus Captor

:iconandrewhussie: <--------- hs icon:trolls and 2 cherubshs icon 
Hey guys. im working on a new story i will post here soon for now here is the first bit of the story. anything you guys wanna add feel free to leave a comment. The name of the story IS "Fifty Shades of Gay ' 

just as a warning it is a major yaoi( boy X boy ) and there will be lemons and may be a lime part not sure yet

this is just the first paragraph  hope you guys like :3

Being the new kid is hard. Being the gay new kid is even harder, but you knew that right?

My name is Tyler Sting, I really don't like my name. You see i was named after my Grandfather. I never got along with him... for various reasons.  One reason is due to me being gay. but thats not what im tring to tell. any way lets get this over with.
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hey my watchers im so sorry for not being on alot... but be warned  there is going to be a mass post from me soon 

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